Yoga with Freedom

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YWF is a boutique yoga studio whose vision is to provide a safe, accessible, nurturing space for everyone, regardless of experience, age, shape or size, to explore the amazing mind/body benefits of yoga while building a strong, lasting, personal  practice. Our mission is to provide the space, tools and guidance that will lead students to empower themselves and find the teacher within.
At YWF you will practice the fundamentals of yoga; improving physical and mental strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. As you navigate through the fundamentals, you will progress at a pace that allows you to feel accomplished, centered, strong and free.
Freedom to laugh ~ Freedom to be strong ~ Freedom to be still

Instructor and Founder

Tonya Johnson

Teaching yoga is my life's calling. My teaching style is an extension of my personal practice and how I aspire to move in this world; passionately, mindfully, deliberately,  gracefully, and with as much joy,  sincerity and authenticity as I can muster.  I bring my all to each class I teach and seek to help students find their inner voice and strength through a natural connection with the vessel known as our physical body.


For me, finding this connection has enabled me to walk a path more in line with my purpose on this beautiful earth. Join me any time!


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Yoga with Freedom
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