New to yoga? No worries, we got you. Contact us with any questions or concerns. But here are 6 helpful tips to get you started:

  • What to wear?

    Wear clothes you feel comfortable in and that allow for easy movement. Tip: A tight or tucked in shirt prevents roll up during class. Clean, smoke and perfume free clothing is always the way to go.  Don't worry, you will probably get to smell some calming essential oils before class is over :)

  • What to bring?

    YWF provides high quality yoga mats, straps and blocks as well as yoga specific knee pads for all registered students. All you need to bring is a towel and water.


    TIP: Typical exercise mats are not suitable for a safe and fun yoga class. YWF provides clean quality yoga mats with added thickness to protect bony knee and elbow joints.

     Just come ready to move.

  • Feet and Toes

    Yoga is designed for your bare feet to meet the mat. Practicing with bare feet helps to strengthen the the feet and toes which are often weakened by the shoes we wear. We highly recommend practicing this way, however, some find yoga socks with rubber grips a comfortable option. These can be purchased online or at your local retailer. You decide! But, NO SHOES ARE ALLOWED in practice space.


    We're betting you find the bare foot experience beats all though! Give it a try.

  • What was that!?

    Yoga moves and twists the body in amazing ways, sometimes our body responds with what may be embarrassing noises. NO worries! It's OK. Your body is saying thank you for bringing me here. Let's face it, we are all human.  Just smile, breathe and keep moving!

  • Be on time

    Or even better get to your mat before class so you can settle your mind and prepare. If you must pay before class please arrive at least 15 minutes prior (we strongly recommend online registration). First timers come 20 minutes before so we can say HI! Door closes promptly at the start of class. Be a good mat neighbor and arrive on time.

  • But most important...

    BE PATIENT with yourself....Yoga is a practice. It takes time to learn YOUR body so always give yourself loving grace. This is a journey worth taking. Be accepting of where you are and MIND YOUR MAT! Your pose will always be your own and may never look like the instructor's or a classmate's pose- but that's the true beauty of a yoga practice.

    AND always let us know if you have any issues you'd like to discuss. We are here for you.